Get Ready for Our Renewed Website!


Get ready for some great news! We are excited to announce that our renewed .shop website will launch the 23rd of June. With this renewal, you can expect some cool new features, making it even easier to find your perfect .shop domain.

Here are some of the features you can find on our renewed website.

Featured Sites Page

Featured sites

Curious to know what your .shop might look like? Featured sites shows you an overview of various creative online webshops, made with yours truly .shop. By using the industry and registrar button you can narrow down your search even further to discover a .shop of your liking.

Search by Region Feature


Looking to register a .shop domain in your region? Try using our new search by region button. You can find all resellers based on their location to find the perfect .shop domain for you.

Recently Registered Domain Bar

Recently registered domain

Interested in knowing what .shop others have registered? With our new domain ticker feature, you will discover when, where and what .shop domains have recently been registered.

Are you as excited as we are for the new website? We hope to see you there on the 23rd!

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